Barcamp (or BarCamp)

Barcamps are forms of workshop-style sessions whose contents and running order is determined by the participants at the outset. It’s an open format with the goal of exchanging, without the prior expectation of any particular result. Participation is the key word here: each participant is called on to propose or lead a discussion round (session). Barcamps are a non-hierarchical structure for large groups.



A Fishbowl is a form of discussion consisting of an outer circle and an inner circle. The inner circle – a group of two, three or four people – discusses a certain topic, with some seats kept free. If someone from the outer circle wants to take part in a discussion, they change to the inner circle, take one of the free seats, then vacate it again after giving their input.



The abbreviation “MICE” stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibitions, and so broadly refers to events in the area of business tourism. This includes meetings, incentive trips organised by companies, congresses/conventions, and exhibitions. The MICE sector is also sometimes known as the “meetings industry”, including the likes of congress centres, exhibition centres, exhibition halls, meeting/seminar hotels, as well as partner organisations such as caterers, decorators, furniture rentals, convention bureaus, and travel agencies (for example, PCO: professional congress organisers). Typical customers are organisations, administrative offices, companies, associations, networks, trade fair organisers, etc.


Open Space

An Open Space is a large group format for congresses, meetings or conferences, defined by an openness towards content. Participants are prompted by a moderator to put forward their own topic (a specific problem, a question, a project idea) and then to lead a workgroup with this in mind. The findings are recorded and presented to the plenum at the end.


Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha is a form of oral presentation whereby each presenter has just 20 seconds and 20 slides to pitch their chosen topic. As such, a Pecha Kucha -style presentation lasts around 6 minutes 40 seconds.


Peer Case Counselling

Peer Case Counselling is a method which is tailored for representatives of related sector(s). In small groups, particular cases - involving specific problems or current challenges – are discussed in order for solutions to be found. One group member describes the case to the advisers, who first listen attentively and pose no questions until the case has been fully described.


World Café

A World Café is a workshop format suitable for groups numbering anything from a dozen up to 2000. The participants work in small groups of 4 to 6 at their own table with flipcharts and pens, and a moderator explains the procedure and the rules of play. Two or three specific questions are worked on consecutively in discussion rounds of up to half an hour each, with groups mixing up for each round table discussion. However, each host stays on the same table, greeting the new members and summarising the findings of the previous round before opening the discussion with the newly-formed group. A World Café is then brought to a close with a reflection period. The goal of a World Café is to get to know different approaches, to work cooperatively, to listen attentively, and to find constructive solutions to specific problems.